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Long Hair Lover

Are some curly haircuts better than others for keeping my hair length?

Yes, there is one style and I do not recommend it. That is a blunt cut where the upper layer, the longest hair, the top layer of the hair makes up the length. The blunt cut is the only way to wear your hair to keep the hair length that you would desire because it flattens, and weighs the hair down.

So many people love long hair, but does long hair love you back like it should? Most of the time if I have a face that needs framing a shorter length is better. Remember shorter hair makes you look 10 pounds lighter, a couple of inches taller, and a lot happier. There is a benefit to not just focusing on long hair, instead focus on the style. That is what sets you apart. If you ever choose to put layers in you will lose some length, but layers are very beneficial for curly hair styles. Long hair should not be used as a blanket to hide behind, your hair is supposed to be your crown so don’t cheat yourself. Remember people are looking and focusing on your face and noticing your smile from the minute you walk in.

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