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Understanding the Challenges of Curly Hair

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

More and more women are embracing their curls and eagerly allowing their hair to run free. You don’t have to be a prisoner of your own hair. Curly hair has a language all on its own. It is beautiful, sexy, mysterious, and unpredictable; but, given the right cut, it will flow more naturally. Everyone with curly hair has the potential to enhance their overall look without resorting to harsh chemical hair straighteners or excessive use of a flat iron. Once you experience a great curly haircut and learn the proper techniques for curly styling, you will embrace your curly hair and feel confident that you can maintain a style that will get rave reviews.

I am often asked what my secret is when it comes to achieving a great cut for curly hair. It has taken me years to develop what I call the Diamond Technique. Where most people encounter problems with cutting curly hair is a flatter top and a bell-shaped bottom. With the Diamond Technique, I can give you fullness in the crown without sacrificing length around the face. The bell shape bottom is eliminated, and you achieve an even curl from the top down. My diamond technique is applicable to every type of curly hair unlike other popular curly hair cutting techniques. Each head of curly hair is unique. I consider every aspect specific to your hair and discuss them with you before I make a single cut. What I hear repeatedly from clients of other techniques is that once they leave the salon, they immediately go home and wash their hair because they are dissatisfied with finished style. Any new cut needs to be dried to its natural curl. This is the only way to see the proper shape and balance the cut.

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