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Learn Salon Care for Curly Hair
from Mona Harb, the Original Curlyologist®

What if you could give the perfect curly cut to your customers every time?  What if you could teach them how to manage their curls, overcome the frizz, and fluff away the flats?


If you learned that, you could…


  • Charge whatever rates you wanted…and customers would happily pay.

  • Inspire loyalty in your clients…ensuring they never went to another stylist.

  • Generate positive word of mouth…causing new clients to line up outside your salon.


Mona Harb, the Original Curlyologist®, spent decades learning everything there is to know about curly hair. She knows how to care for it, how to cut and style it, and how to tailor services to to every client. (After all, curls are a lot like people. No two are alike!)


If you’re ready to outsmart those corkscrews, develop a specialty in curly hair, and elevate your career as a stylist, start here.


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