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About Curlyologist

If you, or someone you love struggles to manage their God given curls, we're here to help! Our focus is Self-Care for Curly Hair.


As a curl whisperer I have decades of experience liberating mishandled tresses. My own, and thousands of clients. The good news is that my professional advice is available to you, no matter where you are in the world, and it's free and easy. I can't make you love your curls, but I can teach you how to appreciate and care for them.


In this blog I'm sharing regular tips and techniques to help you become more confident. If you're like most people you may visit a salon for professional care 4-6 times a year, (if at all). For the other 300 plus days you're on your own, managing your curls, or those of someone else.


From styling tools and products, to a wide variety of environmental and weather conditions the day-to-day care can sometimes feel overwhelming. is the right place to find not just "how-tos", but also answers to "how come my curls..." Subscribe to the newsletter for practical advice, and exclusive content.


I'm on a mission to help you enjoy the freedom that comes with understanding and embracing your curly hair. 

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