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Healthy Scalp and Healthy Hair

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Ok, let’s talk about healthy scalp and healthy hair struggles because we all know that the struggle is definitely real.

We are all aware that normal hair loss occurs daily.  But did you know that the new hair that grows sleeps for 3 months? Yep, they are snoozing before they make their grand entrance.  So it’s important that your scalp is clean and you’re being mindful of what you are putting on your scalp. The baby hair needs a clean scalp to thrive in.  Sounds like I’m talking about my garden but If you think about it, it’s so similar. You need good soil to make sure those flowers bloom. Same concept with your hair.

How to know if your scalp and hair is unhealthy…

  1. If you use more than 3 products than you will have a problem with buildup.

  2. If the color of the pillow where you lay your head is different than the rest of the pillow, it’s a problem.

  3. If your hair smells even though you wash it, it’s a problem.

Curly hair is supposed to be fun and playful.  Love it. Live it. Embrace it.

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