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Healthier Curls Secret

Curly cuts are magical! Do you know how many haircuts someone with curly hair should get each year?

I recommend four haircuts each year. That corresponds to the four changes of season. You know that hairs live on the head for six months then they fall, and it goes into a dormant stage for three months, and another one comes up, so thank God there’s only 10 to 20% of our hair that’s dormant at a time otherwise we would be bald! This cycle of growth, dormancy and regrowth also depends on how old we are. Age in years affects how much faster hair grows back. Pregnancy can also affect hair growth. Four cuts a year can do wonders to keep the hair thick and healthy. It solves a lot of problems, flat on top it’s too long. Stringy ends can happen when the hair from the roots doesn't catch up with new growth because it’s not getting trimmed and the hair is breaking off.

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